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Completion of Warnervale Regional Uniting Church

It is over 6 years since work started on realising the vision of the Warnervale Congregation for a new Church. There were times when it was doubtful that the vision would be realised. Invariably, something always happened. It ranged from another donation, Council reversing a decision or the receipt of a grant. All that seemed but a past memory on Friday, 17 March 2017 when the Project reached practical completion and the Congregation assumed responsibility for the building. Read more…

Giving peace a chance

Tara Curlewis, Allan West and Jim Mein from our Presbytery and Helen Clarke from Knox Grammar School participated last January in a unique tour of Palestine and Israel and offer to speak to Zone meetings, congregations and other community organisations.
For two years, our Synod’s Relations with Other Faiths Committee has dialogued with the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies on a wide range of topics and issues involving our two faiths, and so often the test of our differences centred, or at least bordered, on our understandings of the conflicts challenging whether peace can happen in Palestine and Israel.
A decision was made that the representatives from our Synod and the Board would greatly benefit from a joint study tour wherein we would interview a diverse range of speakers in the areas such as interfaith, politics, peace negotiations and local non-government organisations working for peace. Fifty-three people were interviewed. Each allowed questions and answers and almost all complimentarily attested to the special nature of our visit.
We also visited sacred religious sites such as the Dead Sea, Sea of Galilee, Jerusalem and the Old City, Jericho, Jaffa, Samaria, Bethlehem and Jacob’s Well.
We have much to share and welcome invitations. Please contact Jim on 0408 660 591.
We would like to include Jewish speakers wherever possible to hear their impression and help us all to better understand the confusing complexity of this Middle East region. All twenty-two participants, including our Moderator and some members of the Jewish Board’s Executive Committee, changed through broadening their minds. We developed very strong friendships even though we did not always agree.
Jim Mein
Presbytery Chairperson

New book by Rev Heather Coombes

Rev Heather Coombes (former Chaplain of Nareen Garden and member of Terrigal Uniting Church) has written a book called “Marathon Wheeler”. It can be ordered from her website: It is an informative and inspirational book for anyone who is disabled, their family or those who care for them. It is also a wonderful testimony of Heather’s faith journey. Rev Heather Coombes now lives in Queensland.


 The Uniting Church in Australia turns 40 on 22 JUNE 2017!
What is your congregation, institution or faith community planning for the 40th?
As Australia’s first born national Christian denomination, our journey towards the promised end has experienced much, learnt barrow loads and has far to go to bring Jesus to God’s world.
Why not celebrate your achievements as well as consider the future for we cannot change the past but we can influence the future? The lessons of our history should be guiding how we as a Church can connect with our current and predicted community contexts.
So how can you as members of the Uniting Church celebrate our 40th?
Why not share your ideas through the Sydney Central Coast Presbytery Newsletter?
Why not “risk the way of Jesus” (my favourite Uniting Church slogan) and do something outlandish?
Why not get media coverage of something you have done for the community and share your plans for the next 40 years?
We would love to hear what your plans are for this milestone in the Uniting Church.

Jim Mein

Presbytery Chair

New Presbytery Development Officer

It’s official – Pastor Fiona Blair has joined the Sydney Central Coast Presbytery team and commenced her new role as Presbytery Development Officer.
Her commissioning was held last Sunday, 19 March at Terrigal Uniting Church. It was a wonderful service and Fiona would like to say a big thank you to all those who attended, contributed, encouraged her and made it a special and memorable occasion.
Also, as part of getting to know better the Zones and Congregations of the SCCP Fiona will be out and about on Sundays keen to join congregations for their worship services. So look out for her and feel free to get in touch to start a conversation or just to say hello.
Fiona’s contact details: mobile 0407 951 665 , email for the time being:

A Generous Gift Enhances Belrose Worship Space!

The members of the former East Killara Uniting Church, which was closed at the end of 2016, generously donated a large wall hanging to the Belrose Congregation. The members of the Belrose Congregation are grateful to the East Killara Congregation for this beautiful gift which makes a nice addition to the Belrose worship space.
The wall hanging tells of the church’s efforts to build spiritual community. Measuring some 2.6 metres wide and 3.6 metres high, it occupies a prominent position towards the front of the Belrose worship space, and is a welcome addition to the interior of the Church building, facilitating contemplation, reflection, and hopefully inspiration, for those who take time to gaze and ponder.

Commissioning of Fiona Blair

The commissioning of Fiona Blair as Presbytery Development Officer will be held on Sunday 19th March at Terrigal Uniting Church during the 9:45am service. Everyone is welcome to join in this service and welcome Fiona to this new role in Sydney Central Coast Presbytery.

New email address for SCCP news items

We now have a brand new email dedicated specifically to enquiries regarding the SCCP news letter.

If you have an event coming up at your church or in your local area please email it to Kristy at

Live, Online, and needing your help…

As promised, Sydney Central Coast Presbytery is now live online at Josh Wyatt has laboured hard to get us an attractive and intuitive web presence and the new site has all the basic elements in place.
However, it’s not finished! Resources and information will grow with the Presbytery itself. Details and links will occasionally need checking and correcting. And most of all, we need information from our congregations, ministries and mission centres need to fill out our Presbytery’s public presence!

What to do next?
Look us up. Scroll down to the Churches and Ministries section, where the six Zones are set out. See the little line that says To update your ministry information, please click here? Please click there.
We need someone from each congregation, chaplaincy and other mission centre to send your up-to-date info to Josh, so that anyone looking for a place to worship, witness or serve will find it quickly and simply.

Please note: Presbytery is NOT replacing your existing website! The cover page for each place will link to your own webpage where you can express the life of the church in glorious detail. Please ask your secretary, minister or youth group geek to send info and images to Josh to update the Presbytery site.
  • Send images and video that show the life of your church, your neighbourhood, your environment. These will enhance the website and make it our own.
  • Point out (nicely) any links that are broken or behave in odd ways. We are aware of some already that don’t work as they should, and are trying to fix them. There are always teething problems – your eye for detail will be helpful.
  • Suggest ways of enhancing the website’s usefulness. What would you and your people most want to see on the Presbytery site?
  • Send in your news to share, event dates, and changes to personnel, contact details, etc. 
  • Check us out now. Help by googling Sydney Central Coast Presbytery, which will raise our website a little higher in the search engines each time you look for it. Save us in your bookmarks.
  • Make us your home page.
  • Print the URL in your congregational pewsheet and newsletter.
  • Link to us on your own website.

Enjoy the resources and information,
and have a very Happy New Year!
Graham Perry, Presbytery Minister
Josh Wyatt, WebMeister

Retirement of Rev JungMin Sunwoo

We are organising a Retirement Luncheon for JungMin (retiring as Minister of the Word from Tuggerah Lake South Congregation) on Wednesday the 25th January at Diggers of The Entrance in the Pavillion Room at 12pm
The flyer is 
attached. If you require any further info please contact Michelle Lombard ph: 0467 189 877 or
The final service of Rev JungMin Sunwoo on the occasion of her retirement from her placement as Minister of the Word to Tuggerah Lake South Congregation will be held on Sunday 29th January 2017 at 9:30am during the regular morning service
Venue: 204 The Entrance Road, Long Jetty (“The Entrance Long Jetty Uniting Church”).

A Christmas Message from our Chairperson

Gill and I very much admire and appreciate the significant efforts so many members of the old Sydney North and Kur-ring-gai Presbyteries invested in the historic decisions and preparation for the inauguration of the Sydney Central Coast Presbytery as well as the volunteer support of so many Uniting Church activities inside and beyond their local congregations.

As we approach the celebration of Jesus’ birthday, may you remember that Jesus is still so much alive in us and for us as we serve Him in our many ways.

May Christmas be a special, happy and meaningful time for each of you and that 2017 will see positive change and rewards as our new  Presbytery advances God’s kingdom in rapidly different and changing times across our vast Presbytery.

May world peace be the greatest reward for so many.

Jim Mein

Presbytery Chairperson.

Christmas & January in SSCP

Various Presbytery staff and office bearers are taking a break during the holiday period.
Michelle will not be in the Presbytery Office from 24 December – 16 January. During this time the Office phone and e-mail will be checked by Robyn Harvey. Any non-urgent e-mails will be dealt with on Michelle’s return.

Graham Perry will not be available from 1 – 16 January

Robyn Harvey will not be available from 16 – 27 January

Jim Mein and Tara Curlewis will not be available from 13 – 29 January.

The Presbytery Newsletter

 will take a break throughout January, resuming the first week in February.

Closure of Ministry Service | Roseville UC

The final service of Rev Laurel Barr concluding her placement as Minister of the Word at Roseville Uniting Church will be held on Sunday 15th January 2017 at 9:30am during the regular morning service.

Worship Resources – Available at no cost

Arising from the imminent sale of the Chatswood South site, a number of worship resources are available to any Congregation that might find them useful. The only cost involved would be to arrange for collection
Currently available are:
130 copies of Uniting in Worship Peoples Book
3 Upright Pianos

Please direct expressions of interest or enquiries to  Gaye Brill  at