Ministry Committee



What we do

The Ministry Committee serves in the selection, pastoral care and oversight of candidates for the specified ministries of the Church, including
  • Ministry of the Word and Ministry of Deacon
  • Lay Preacher
  • Ministry of Pastor. 
The Ministry Committee is a sub-committee of the Pastoral Relations Committee.


The Ministry Committee currently has a core membership who have helped advise the PRC on the Charter of the  new SCCP MiniCom: 
Graham Perry (Presbytery Minister, Convenor); 
Ian Pearson (Minister, Killara); 
Meredith Williams (Minister, Dee Why St David’s); 
Michael Barnes (Minister, Gordon) 
Yangrae Son (Minister, Northbridge-Castlecrag) 
Maz Smith (Minister, Warnervale)
John Barker (Minister, Northern Beaches)
…and a supplementary membership who have assisted in the principal work of discernment of ministry vocations and oversight of Candidates: 
Due to the requirement to create Discernment Panels of no fewer than six people with diverse ministry experiences and culture and gender balance, suitable ministers and lay people will be sought to supplement the core members. It could be you. Try not to say no. 
Mel Graham 
(Deacon, Frenchs Forest) 
Aeryun Lee (Minister, Forestville)
Sean McSharry (Lay Leader, Northbridge-Castlecrag)
Howard Clarke (Lay Leader, North Ryde)
Joanna Drayton (Lay, Uniting Church Engagement, SCCP)
Deokhee Cho (Minister, Ryde)
Geoff Dornan (Minister, St Ives)
Roslyn Giles (Lay member, Epping)

Am I being called to a Ministry in the Church?

How to apply for a ministry in the church
Steps for candidating
Learning to proclaim the Good News of Christ

Policies and Resources

How to apply for a ministry in the church
Steps for candidating
Learning to proclaim the Good News of Christ

Formation Process Resources 

for those in preparation for Ordained Ministries and presbytery members working with them
A guide to formation for the ministries of the Uniting Church through the United Theological College
Comprehensive guidance for MiniCom members and applicants working through the Candidature process
Specific guidance for presbytery members assisting applicants